How to Submit Your Website in Google Search Console | Complete Guide For Beginners...

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"How to Submit our Site in Google Search Console"
This is the important question that matters website SEO.


Today I will Resolve your This Issue So Follow My Steps Carefully:-

👍Follow this Steps👍

👉First Sign up in Google Search Console

👉If you are using blogger first go to setting>Search Preferences>Google Search Console, then press the edit button, it will directly redirect you to the google search console website. (optional)

👉After Sign up adds your website via its domain or URL prefix, if your URL is use the URL prefix option, But if you had purchased a domain select domain property.

👉Then it will ask for Ownership verification, there are 2 methods of verification for each domain and URL prefix Property.

👉For Domain:- Copy verification code which will be given you by google & paste it into your DNS panel as TXT Record

👉For URL Prefix:- just copy the HTML code and Paste it Below the <head> tag into your theme Section by pressing edit HTML. (Recommend Way)

After your Ownership will be verified 
(take some minutes).

👉Now Just press the menu icon and then press the Sitemap Option.

👉You will Find Your blog URL after that Just write sitemap.xml

👉If you will get the Couldn't Fetch error wait for some time and refresh the site after 5 minutes.

👉Done!!! Your Sitemap has been submitted to google...

👉After Come to your blog and copy the URL of the homepage and Paste it in URL inspection at Top of the Google Search Console...

👉Now your page will Rank in Google in Few Days

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