What is Phishing Attacks???

What is Phishing Attacks...

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Guys always we get spam mails in our email address,they providing us 1M money in our account Sometimes😂

Are they Real???

No Please Don't Believe on them They are
Trying to get hooked your Data related to Bank Accounts,emails,passwords,Phone number,and Many more Confidential information

This is Known As Phishing...

Phishing Attacks Deep Explained

And It is Usually Perform on anyone to breach his/her Many Confidential information related tp your Bank Accounts,Emails,Passwords,Contacts,
Private photos,etc.

And the Attack performed on Victim is Known As Phishing Attacks...

What is Phishing attacks Explained Deeply

How can we Protect ourselves from Being Hooked???

Here is a Tips you should follow in your Daily life while operating Device...

1. Be skeptical

2. Be Smart with your passwords Don't
    Save it in Any Browser

3. Beware from your Online Presence

4. Keep your Software Updated

5. Always use Encrypted Networks like 

6. Never use any Open WIFI without                Verifying it.

7. Inpect every link before Clicking on it

8. Don't Click on any link Directly

9. Verify its Protocol Whether it is 

10.Don't Click on website which is
     HTTP,it is Stands For👇
    (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
    Without Verifying it.

11.Always use Banks Official website for 

Otherwise your money will loss...

Bank Account Hacking Using Phishing attack

   Be Safe,Be Prepared...

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