What is DDoS Attack? DoS and DDoS Deeply Explained!!!

What is DoS & DDoS Attack?How to Be Safe???

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Today Will Discuss About What Is 
DoS Attack and What is DDoS Attack?
What is a Difference between Them,
And how to protect our site from This Attacks...

what is dos and ddos attack?how to protect our site

We will Discuss About:-

👉DoS attack
👉DDoS Attack
👉Preventions of our Site

1) DoS Attack...

DoS Attack is stands For 
"Denial of Service Attack" you all know that every website server have limit of users who are watching their Sites When limit is crossed it will become irresponsive or Unavailable But it is only for sometimes,Servers are resetting their limit in some hour or Day,Sometimes you ever might notice that some sites showing 
"can't be reached error" on google...
It means The site server had crossed their requests limits and it will reset it Soon...

In DoS Attack , Hackers are generating  requests packets in large amount in single Device or IP and send it to Victim's Website's Server to Down his/her Website...

2) DDoS Attack...

DDoS Attack is More Powerful then DoS Attack it is Stands For 
"Distributed Denial Of Service Attack"
It is similar to DoS Attack But it has more power to down any website,
In this, Hacker is Using Multiple Devices or IP to Down any Website, it will increase the power of Attack, When multiple Devices or IP's are doing Attack on the Same website, which makes it Down more Quickly...

How to Protect our Site with These Attacks???

To prevent your Website from Being Down you should Add your Website in Cloudflare...

Here I am not doing any promotion of this site I will just recommend you to open your account in Cloudflare because it is the best CDN in the world and for free only 
You No need to pay anything to them.

They protect your site by following ways:-

How Cloudflare Works

You will get a Free SSL Certificate for your site by joining it and also your web address is if starting from HTTP will convert to HTTPS which means a secure connection...

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