How to perform Call & SMS Bombing in Termux???

How to Do SMS and Call Bombing Using Termux...

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Send Bulk Of SMS and Call on Android

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Guys if you wanted to irritate someone
Just for Fun Not For Revenge,You can send him/her bulk of SMS and CALLS in his/her mobile phone by using termux

If you wanted to Do it,
You should Follow this Steps in your termux

Guys I Am Not Mentioning all basic commands here for basic installation in termux i had already made all basic commands post 👉 Click Here

First copy👇

Then Type:-

👉git clone

👉cd TBomb
👉chmod +x
👉then press Enter
👉now type 1 for sms bomber and 2 for call bomber

After Choosing type victim's country code
And his/her phone number

Then Type 0 for sending Unlimited sms or call

Then type thread :-15 (In SMS BOMBER)


IF you wanted to stop it press CTRL+Z

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