How to install Lazymux in Termux???

How to Get install Kali Linux Tools in Termux | ZAEEM TECHNICAL...

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Today we will discuss about "How to install Lazymux on Termux ?"

Install Kali tools On Termux

What is Lazymux ???

Lazymux is a tool in which you will find Similar tools like Kali Linux.

Steps of Installation:-

👉git clone

👉cd Lazymux
👉chmod +x

Your Installation Process Done👍

Now you can use Lazymux on Termux

It contains many Tools:-

👉Information Gathering
👉Vulnerability Scanner
👉Stress Testing
👉Web Hacking
👉Password Attacks
👉Exploitation Tools
👉Sniffing & Spoofing

How to Hack any thing Using Termux

Now you can use this Tools for improve your Hacking Skills...

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