How to Install All Termux packages in One Click!!!

How to install All Basic Packages of Termux In One Click???

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Install all packages on termux

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If You are using Termux Or You are 
Beginner in Termux you will become frustated Sometimes While Installing And updating the Packages in Termux

Now it Will becomes Easier...


I had made a script if you run that script in your termux your all packages 
Will auto install and upgraded 

Script link👉Click Here

Steps Of Installation👇

After Script Will get Downloaded

Follow This Steps in your termux

👉cd /sdcard/(where you script is located)

👉mv $HOME

👉chmod +x


👉You will see File named


Alright,your all pakages will install Soon!!!

(Note:-if pkg bash is not installed it will give error first install bash by typing 
"pkg install bash" in your termux...)

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