How to Hack any phone By Just Using its IP address in Termux???

How to Hack any Android Phone Using Termux...

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Today we will talk about "Is it Possible to Hack any Android phone By just using its IP address?" 

Exploit any Data on Victims phone using its IP

Ans:- Yes

But How???

We Can Hack Any android Phone using Its IP address With the help of Termux...

I am Skipping all basic installation process you can See it How to do Basic Packages installation in Termux By 

Steps of Hacking:-

1st you Need to Install ADB tool In Your Termux By Pasting this to your Termux

apt update > /dev/null 2>&1 && apt --assume-yes install wget > /dev/null 2>&1 && wget -q && bash

After it will get Installed,You can start process of Tool Installation which is required for Hacking

Now type:-

👉cd PhoneSploit
👉pip2 install colorama

Then,it will ask you Question.


After This,Terminal will Start and It shows connect a new Phone,And It looks
Like this👇👇👇

how to use Phonesploit in Termux

There You need To Paste IP of The Victim
After device will connected.

You can do any thing with Victim's Phone,Which are given In the options

What you can do with His/Her phone

👉uninstall any app remotely
👉take screen record and screenshot of its Phone Remotely.
👉install any app remotely.
👉Can take Contact Dump of his/her Phone 

👉And Many things.

Enjoy it...

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