How to Get Evil Eyes in Termux Banner Without using Any Script???

How to Get Custom Evil Eyes Ascii On Termux With using Any Script...

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If you are Beginner in termux
And you wanted to customize your termux outlook like a PRO...

Then you all know about Evil Eyes Theme in Termux Banner

Its Look like This 👇👇👇

Without using any script get evil eyes on termux

If you want it,You need to follow this Steps👇👇👇


👉cd ..
👉cd usr/etc
👉nano bash.bashrc

Scroll up to get the cursor Down

Then type

👉fortune | cowsay -f eyes YOUR NAME | lolcat --animate && figlet -f standard YOUR NAME 

Before following this steps you must ensure that this pkg must installed in your termux.

  Packages.                    if Not installed type,

👉fortune          👉pkg install fortune
👉cowsay           👉pkg install cowsay
👉nano               👉pkg install nano

(Note:-if you had changed background colour and fonts then you should type "nano zshrc" instead of  "nano bash.bashrc")

Enjoy it...

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